Royal House of Savoy Chivalry Excellence
for Children

Royal House of Savoy Chivalry Excellence
for Children

Overview of the Junior Knight Chivalry Excellence Program

 As one of its charitable activities, the Japan Delegation of the Royal House of Savoy has developed a Junior Knight Chivalry Excellence Program for children. This program translates the code of conduct known as chivalry and the way of knights thinking into modern-day concepts using insights from the latest cognitive science research.

Renowned for their courage, courtesy, generosity, and high self-esteem, knights have demonstrated their capacity for self-evaluation, love of peace, and commitment to a code of conduct that emphasizes protecting the weak. As an undertaking that standardizes these strengths, we believe this program will have a significant role to play within modern educational systems that otherwise limit the ability of students to engage in self-evaluation.

Students that complete the full 15-unit curriculum are bestowed with the title of Junior Knight by the Royal House of Savoy. We are confident this achievement will be a significant source of strength to those students who assume future positions of leadership not only in Japan but on the world stage.

This program is free and open to all children worldwide.

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15 Units of the Program

Children in the Program watch lecture videos and receive professional instruction from a trained facilitator.

Chapter1 Introduction: modern chivalry
“Self respect, helping others, generosity, etc.”

Chapter2 wider comfort zone of modern knights
“Your performance is within your comfort zone”

Chapter3 comfort zone and self image
“your comfort zone is defined by your self image “

Chapter4 your self image and belief system
“Your belief system limits your self image”

Chapter5 How is your belief system created?
“What you are told and accepted created your belief system”

Chapter6 Changing belief system: Goal setting
“Your goal makes see things. Creates new belief systems”

Chapter7 Changing belief system: Efficacy and Knight’s Esteem
“Ignore dream killers. You can do this. You are so good.”

Chapter8 Changing belief system: Self-talk and visualization
“Managing self-talk, group-talk, visualizing your end-state”

Chapter9 Changing belief system: Time flies from future to past
“Your past does not limit your future. Your goal determines your future.”
“Use your legacy as a force to create your future”.

Chapter10 Changing belief system: Want-to vs Have-to
“Do you really want to do this or someone told you to do this”

Chapter11 Emotion control, fight or flight. Monitoring homeostasis.
“Resilience of modern knights is based on effective control of mind and brain”

Chapter12 Automatic creativity and high performance
“You are very creative and highly intelligent because you know how mind works”

Chapter13 Collective respect for “goals and values” toward world peace.
“I respect your belief system and you respect mine”

Chapter14 Collective Efficacy, higher goals, multiple goal balances, beautiful life
“You are a member of very efficacious group with very high goals with balance”

Chapter15 Go beyond limit of your imaginations.
“Limit of your own imagination is only thing limits you. Collectively we can go beyond”


Q. What are the eligibility qualifications for participation in this program?
A. The scope of eligibility extends from children in their upper years of elementary school to young people (high-school students) around the age of 18.

Q. May parents (guardians) participate?
A. No, because this program is designed for children.

Q. Where may my child attend this Program?
A. Program classes is offered through schools and selected organizations. Please contact us if interested in having the Program implemented at a specific venue.

Q. How much is tuition?
A. This program is one of the works of charity performed by the Dynastic Orders of the Royal House of Savoy. Tuition is free for all participants.

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